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Engaging Your Extended Community - Amplify Impact Where Cause and Community Intersect with CyberGrants Points of Giving

Topic: Drive social change and brand equity with point-in-time giving for employees, consumers, and community members. With CyberGrants Points of Giving programs, you can seamlessly drive awareness, engagement, and connection between your brand, employees, consumers, and community. 

During this webinar, Barry Kane, Solution Architect at CyberGrants will discuss how one retail giant maximized their fundraising with a Points of Giving campaign, managed completely on our integrated platform. He’ll share how they empowered their extended community to become part of the narrative. Connecting them through a mutual cause and sharing with them all the good they are doing. Create lasting connection, engagement, and impact with CyberGrants Points of Giving.

During this webinar, he will share:

  • What is a CyberGrants Points of Giving program?
  • How to bring attention to your social impact initiatives by leveraging national holidays, awareness days, and dedicated company days or emerging needs like disasters and crises while including customers and community members.
  • Create powerful brand stories by making employees, consumers, and community members part of the narrative and sharing the impact publicly.
  • Amplifying your fundraising by expanding giving opportunities to employees, customers, and community members.
  • Getting started with a Points of Giving program managed completely on the CyberGrants platform so you have ultimate control, from branding to eligible nonprofits and matching limits to post-campaign communications with employees, consumers, and community members. 
  • And more!

Integrate your social impact initiatives with support for the causes your employees, consumers, and community members care deeply about with CyberGrants Points of Giving!

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