Managing Volunteering in a Virtual Environment

Effective ways to communicate, plan, and handle logistics with virtual volunteering programs. Watch the webinar now.

Coffee Talk: Managing Volunteering in a Virtual Environment

With the COVID-19 Pandemic cancelling many in-person volunteer opportunities, we want to discuss ways you can still make an impact, virtually. Volunteering no longer means you have to go somewhere and do something to make an impact - now, more than ever, online service should be an integrated part of your organization’s overall strategy for volunteer involvement.

This Coffee Talk focuses on ways to donate virtual time and skills and commit time supporting causes that are important to you and your organization. During this conversation, Saadia Malik and Yezenia Ramos of Johnson & Johnson discuss the benefits and unique upsides of virtual volunteering, types of virtual volunteer opportunities available, steps to consider, and how to kick off a virtual volunteer program that makes an impact for the causes you care about most.

In this Coffee Talk Session, hear more about:

1. How to start a program and virtual volunteering ideas
2. How to create camaraderie in virtual programs
3. How to foster inclusivity in a digital medium for meaningful impact

About Saadia Malik:
Saadia is a manager for the Talent for Good team within Johnson & Johnson’s Global Community Impact team. She manages the Corporation’s efforts to engage and empower employees in social impact including skill based volunteering programs and mentoring initiatives. Saadia has been with Johnson & Johnson for 15 years in various roles like Finance and IT but spent the majority of her career in Procurement, advancing through a series of positions supporting multiple focus areas and sectors.

About Yezenia Ramos:
Yezenia Ramos is a member of the Johnson & Johnson Global Community Impact team, which is the corporate social responsibility arm of the company. She is currently the Senior Manager of Employee Engagement for North America, where she is tasked with empowering employees to use their skills and passions to create positive societal impact.