The Voice of the Employee:

Using the Scientific Method to Collect & Action Feedback

Wednesday, October 5 | 1:00 PM EST


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The most impactful giving and volunteer programs start by getting inside the minds and hearts of your people. Doing this requires understanding their unique interests, motivators, and barriers. Participation is inevitable when people have the opportunity to give towards a cause they highly value.

Join us for our webinar on October 5th as we learn how to collect and interpret the essential information needed to deliver a program that employees can’t help but get involved in! Hear from industry experts Nicole McPhail and Emily Hazell, Co-Founders & Managing Partners at Darwin Pivot, as they outline the best ways to reach the hearts and minds of your people and sustain the most impactful giving strategy for your organization.


Learning Objectives:

  • Discover best practices for designing an effective employee survey.
  • Understand the frequency and approach to collecting feedback.
  • Interpret when and why to pull in qualitative data points (i.e., sentiments, etc.)
  • Gain tips for removing personal bias and avoiding assumptions when interpreting results.
  • Learn to leverage this data and knowledge to get the buy-in you need to make program changes.

Speaker Info:


Nicole McPhail

 Co-Founder & Managing Partner,
Darwin Pivot

Nicole has spent the past 15 years at the intersection of social impact and innovation, both as an in-house practitioner and as a consultant who has helped many of the world's largest brands develop and grow their CSR programs.

She helped to develop one of the first-ever CSR Labs with partners like The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, ideas42 and the University of Toronto, in service to identifying new innovations around workplace giving and volunteering.

Nicole's experience working with clients of all sizes and industries, along with her background in behavioral science, has provided her with unique insights about how to design a meaningful and relevant program that people can't help but engage with.


Emily Hazell

Co-Founder & Managing Partner,
Darwin Pivot

Emily is a social scientist with 15 years of experience in research and consulting primarily focused on analyzing factors that drive individual and organizational behaviors and operations.

She is passionate about helping clients tell their unique stories using actionable insights and easy to understand data visualizations.

Emily holds a PhD in Environmental Applied Science and Management from Toronto Metropolitan University/Ryerson University, where she continues to lecture on decision support systems, design principles and data sciences.