Keeping Remote Workers Emotionally Invested

Ebook: Keeping Remote Workers Emotionally Invested

The results of the great work-from-home experiment are already clear. The COVID-19 pandemic changed the nature of work and the workplace — for many individuals and for some industries, forever. When pandemic lockdowns started, any reservations business leaders had about unshackling workers from the workplace became moot as entire offices emptied. Within weeks, more than half of the U.S. labor force was working remotely.

Read revealing insights on:

  • How being disconnected can take a toll — on employees and employers.
  • When distance separates us, technology
    keeps us together.
  • Why in-person or virtual, volunteering is
    equally rewarding.
  • That employee participation in giving programs can
    happen from anywhere, and everywhere.
  • When to engage and recognize employees,
    start on day one.
  • Why communication is key, inside and outside
    your walls.