Welcome to the Digital Summit Series

The Digital Summit Series is our new series of webinars designed to inform listeners of strategic considerations for today’s CSR professionals. During these sessions we will be discussing recent findings, trends, innovative ideas, challenges and opportunities in corporate social responsibility. We will bring in guests to discuss today’s most relevant topics for grantmaking, volunteering, and employee giving. 

Listen in and hear from thought leaders across industries and the CyberGrants team exchange ideas and discuss today’s key topics related to corporate philanthropy.

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Upcoming Topics:
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Recent Topics:
  • The Role of Managed Access in a Time of Crisis: A Case Study on How Novartis is Making Critical Impact
    Wednesday, May 20, 11am - 12pm EDT
    Paul Aliu of Novartis and Zach Gendron of CyberGrants
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  • Update on Corporate Giving and the SDG Giving Landscape: Funding Insights
    Wednesday, May 6, 1pm - 2pm EDT
    Kinga Ile of CAF America and Amanda Wilson of CyberGrants
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  • What COVID-19 Has Taught Us and Strategic Considerations
    Thursday, April 30, 1pm - 2pm EDT

    Rob Livada and Jeff Summers of CyberGrants
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