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One integrated CSR software platform with the power and versatility to manage all your corporate giving and grants management programs, so you can be more agile and create more impact.

What is Corporate Social Responsibility
(CSR) Software?

Companies use Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) software to manage philanthropic efforts from grant writing to volunteer opportunities. CSR software allows an organization to track and measure their CSR programs' impact, influence, and reach, maximizing the benefits to the community and building a purpose-driven organizational culture.

CSR software can be used to measure the effectiveness of an organization’s ability to manage and administer CSR Programs. These solutions help organizations share their accomplishments and improve their policies and practices to uphold their values.

As the entire purpose of monitoring your corporate social responsibility is providing positive social value, many businesses rely on CSR software to build a positive brand around their company.

Every CSR software product should include the ability to:

• Manage and maintain your CSR initiatives
• Audit current practices for actionable insights
• Measure the progress and impact of CSR programs

When all your giving is unified on one platform, not only is your life easier, you have a better view of the results you’re delivering within your organization and the impact you’re making on the world.

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CSR Trends and Statistics

We’re thrilled to see companies embracing corporate social responsibility in any way they can. 

To help aid your efforts, these are the top trends surrounding CSR Software that companies, brands, and organizations are focused on this year.


Increased Corporate Transparency

Transparency not only builds trust but also promotes higher ethical standards. Buyers do their research into a company when they are looking to make a purchase. In fact, “94 percent of B2B buyers conduct some research before making a purchase.” Corporate transparency is quickly becoming the norm. Companies can give the public a window into their activities by sharing their accomplishments. Then, they can improve their transparency by soliciting feedback from their followers.

Whether through an innovative philanthropic video highlighting their efforts or spreading awareness through social media channels, corporate transparency provides a prime opportunity for an organization to share its accomplishments and encourage its followers to give back.

These companies also provide additional value to their customers and employees through clear communication about their community involvement. By articulating how companies give back to the people who live and work in their community, they improve their public perception.

Job seekers often consider the morality of their future employers, and consumers will support causes through their purchases. “75% of candidates will research a company's reputation before applying for a job opening.” Therefore, there’s never been a better time to offer a transparent look at your company’s philanthropic efforts.


Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives

If anyone thought it was optional before, the demand for a more equitable workplace is now a must. Organizations, regardless of industry, are striving to ensure their staff is representative of the communities where they live and work. For companies still working to improve, it’s critical to be sure these changes aren’t simply cosmetic. Set aggressive goals in your journey to diversify your workforce this year and stick with transparency on the way there. Consumers and employees can tell when you aren’t being authentic or taking time to learn.


Creativity in Campaigns

Inspired by the impacts of Covid-19, teams have taken innovation and creativity to new heights. As many offices moved remotely, virtual volunteer opportunities and fundraising events increased in popularity.

As we know, engagement activities of all sizes can be powerful if executed well. Mini-campaigns are also on the rise for 2022. Initiative-based campaigns or mini-campaigns can help focus on newly identified priorities, smaller projects, or one-off initiatives.

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Disaster Relief Stays Relevant

We’ve all learned by now to expect the unexpected (thank you, 2020). It’s not nearly enough to think of emergencies as somewhere off in the distant future. Companies are looking at their emergency response strategies like never before by examining their logistics and production and considering the core needs of their specific communities. They’re preparing in advance to offer assistance or seek assistance when disaster strikes.

A thoughtful response strategy not only has a significant impact on your affected communities but also ensures your company remains steadfast and strong amid disaster. Both can be a driver of a positive reputation for your organization.


Employee Engagement Remains Essential

The research still shows employees are happier at work when they’re engaged and retain a more positive view of their company when their employer provides opportunities to give back. The challenges we hear consistently in this area are gaining momentum to support such initiatives and encouraging employee participation across the organization. While current initiatives bring you the same handful of employees every campaign, a successful program can help engage all departments and employees to encourage new faces to participate.

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Why You Should Use CSR Software

CSR demonstrates that your company supports social issues outside of those that impact your profit margin. This helps attract customers who share the same values.

Take our quick assessment and reveal how your philanthropic methods and practices align with top performers and the stage of your philanthropic programs within the agility model.

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Having a straightforward CSR program can also enhance your ability to attract quality candidates, increase employee engagement, and increase overall sales and profitability. CSR Software also poses the following benefits:

• Helps create a disaster relief plan for your community, as well as your company and its employees.
• Demonstrates your CSR activities to shareholders and the public.
• Reduces the burden on administrative departments.
• Allows you to forego extensive training requirements for internal staff.
• Minimize systematic risk.
• Provide legal and financial safeguards.
• Centralize support requests.
• Provides a complete view of all your giving.


Industry Leading Services to Support Your Efforts

Our dedicated team is fully committed to helping you achieve your goals and collaborating with you to design, implement, and execute your charitable giving programs.


CyberGrants has been trusted by some of the world’s most sophisticated, complex, and generous companies and foundations for nearly 20 years. We serve more than half of the Fortune 100 companies and 18 of the 25 largest corporate foundations.

Dedicated Team

Our specialists partner with you to help you implement in the short term, strategize for the longer term and resolve any questions or issues that arise along the way.


Let us take one more thing off your plate with our ability to integrate with multiple accounting systems and banking services. Processing and disbursing funds touches several areas of your business, from your corporate social responsibility team to human resources, finance and beyond. CyberGrants Disbursement Solution allows you to seamlessly manage your disbursements processes and procedures, as part of a comprehensive solution that coordinates all of your philanthropic activities. Leverage faster funds availability, more dollars for your causes, and bigger bottom-dollar impact.

Security and Dependability You Can Trust

Making corporate giving easier than ever, you have the advantage of having all of your grantmaking and employee giving initiatives all in one proven CSR software platform. Increase employee engagement and participation in your company’s employee giving programs with the industry’s most complete system.


Protect Your Data

CyberGrants has been trusted by some of the world’s most sophisticated, complex, and generous companies and foundations for nearly 20 years. We serve more than half of the Fortune 100 companies and 18 of the 25 largest corporate foundations.



Our specialists partner with you to help you implement in the short term, strategize for the longer term and resolve any questions or issues that arise along the way.


Industry Leading Continued R&D Investment

We continuously invest in our infrastructure to ensure our platform's highest reliability and stability for customers. This includes investments in our application and production servers, database, storage, and network to provide the highest possible levels of availability, improve system performance and stability, further enhance security, and create a solid foundation for future growth. We continue to meet or exceed our SLAs for system uptime and response time.

Additionally, CyberGrants complies with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and had met those requirements well prior to its official launch in May 2018.

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Mobile Friendly

CyberGrants gives you the flexibility to use any web or mobile device, so you can constantly create, change, and collaborate through a dependable platform.


Integrate Easily To Personalize
Your Programs

CyberGrants integrates with your payroll systems, calendars, social media, and more.


Grant Access By Role

Simple, intuitive dashboards are easily configured to each role in your organization.

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Learn more about how CyberGrants’ integrated platform can help maximize your corporate philanthropic giving. Whether you’re managing well-established programs or just starting to build your strategy, CyberGrants can help.

Our comprehensive platform can be configured to meet all your current and future employee giving and grants management needs. No matter your goals today and in the future, CyberGrants can help you achieve them with agile social impact.


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What differentiates CyberGrants from other CSR software providers?

CyberGrants is the only platform built from the ground up to handle both grantmaking and employee engagement. It’s a total solution that can manage and automate complex program requirements every step of the way so you can focus on doing more great work.


Does CyberGrants support
international giving?

Yes, the CyberGrants client list includes multi-national, global corporations, and our software supports multiple languages and currencies so you can review, approve, and execute programs worldwide.


How much does it cost to
use CyberGrants?

Our pricing model is a combination of one-time implementation costs (based on the complexity of your needs and program components) and ongoing licensing fees (dependent upon the number and types of users).


What options does CyberGrants have for processing payments?

CyberGrants offers a variety of payment options, including payroll integration, automated clearinghouse (or ACH/electronic transfers), and credit cards. Additionally, we can process checks on behalf of NPOs.


What kind of training and support is provided after implementation?

Training is available onsite, online, or over the phone. You will also have resource documents for your reference. Additionally, a team of CyberGrants experts will be assigned to your account to provide ongoing support.


How does CyberGrants protect our data and financial transactions?

We protect sensitive information about your grant seekers and employees with state-of-the-art, end-to-end security measures. We commission third-party audits to continuously improve every aspect of security, including physical, hardware, and database security, data encryption, and secure, offsite backup storage. Your data is encrypted while stored and in transit and is protected by continuous monitoring and the latest intrusion prevention systems.